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Rapid Prototyping
We understand the time-pressures & deadlines that come with developing products in fast-moving industries. It can be vitally important to prove concepts as quickly as possible. Our Rapid Prototyping & Experimentation service allows you to see your concepts brought to life in as little time as possible.
AI & Machine Learning
As experienced AI developers, we recognise the huge potential for innovation that the technology has created. From building virtual assistants using LLM technology to data analysis tools using machine learning techniques, our AI & Machine learning services have got you covered.
Fully Bespoke Solutions
Software development is a vast and deep industry. Off-the-shelf products can only get you so far - for truly great solutions you need something custom-fitted to your exact needs. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to understand and execute your ideas to a high-degree of precision and quality.

Project highlights


KAO Corporation

KAO ISLA is a cutting-edge project developed for the KAO Corporation and features a 3D avatar (powered by AI) and an insightful dashboard using gait tracking data. The avatar interacts with users - via speech - in a natural and intuitive manner, enabling effortless communication and fostering a deeper connection with the dashboard's data. The system features English, Japanese, and Chinese language support. We are also extremely proud that we were able to showcase the project at the 2023 Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit in Kyoto, Japan. Given the outstanding success of the system we developed, KAO Corporation has not only engaged us for continuous enhancements and innovations, but they are also proudly showcasing the system in their company museum in Tokyo.
The above description was written by Westland Technologies

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Cairn Risk Consulting

CAESAR is an exciting risk management system, built for Cairn Risk Consulting to manage high-risk infrastructure development in energy projects. It is used by Cairn Risk to demonstrate that energy infrastructure projects (e.g. offshore wind farms, hydrogen generation/storage facilities, etc.) are developed in a way that reduces risk to people and the environment to acceptable levels throughout all phases of development and deployment. Cairn Risk recognised the significant potential of our initial prototype and have continued development on the system to include additional features and functionality.

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RiskTec | TUV Rheinland

RiskJet is an innovative game-based learning experience developed for RiskTec | TUV Rheinland. The app is used to educate users on the crucial safety hazards found aboard aircrafts and to highlight the essential equipment needed for secure flying. With QHD graphics and a user-friendly UI/UX, RiskJet engages players while teaching valuable knowledge. Initially developed solely for Android, the project was so well received that we further expanded the experience with a second version - developed for PC and iOS.

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Our Expertise

Here are just some of the technologies we use to deliver incredible systems.

Unreal Engine
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